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Meet   the Photographer

I always loved photography growing up. I wanted to go to photography school right after high school but was encouraged towards a job in the medical field. 10 years later while living in Juneau, Alaska, I was inspired to take pictures of the beauty around me. I was gifted my first camera and started taking it with me on adventure walks. My love of photography grew and I brought it home to So Cal with me. I decided to go to school full time to pursue photography as a new career. After graduation I married my longtime sweetie Harry and had our baby girl Lena. I stayed home to raise her for 14 months. This January I decided it was time to invest in my photography business full time. I invested in my first content day and have been working hard, educating myself, investing in mentorships, doing internships in studios and other photography community collaborations, and photographing as many events and lifestyle sessions as I can! 

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people describe me as...

A fun loving soul. Everyone I meet becomes my friend. I come from a large family so I'm a people person.

favorite hobbies...

wild berry foraging, art, journalism, and of course photography.

fun facts about me...

1) I am Sicilian, Mexican, and Puerto Rican.
2) I worked as a dental professional for 10 years
3) I once ran a business selling homemade preserves from wild berries I foraged in Alaska 

I am located in....

Southern California (So Cal girl here) I have previously lived in New Jersey and Juneau, Alaska!

I  started my business...

I worked on Citrus College publications The Clarion Newspaper as Art Editor, Reporter, Photographer and as Editor in Chief of Logos Magazine 2021. During the Pandemic I got an Associates Degree in Photography & Communications

why I love photography....

I love telling stories. Having a background in Art and Journalism has helped me feel inspired to pursue photography. 

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Natural, Bright, Sentimental

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Moody, Romantic, Creative